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Job Posting


Huntingdon Lodge #223 is accepting applications for a Part Time Hourly Bartending Position (This position is a scheduled as needed basis) and a Full Time Salaried Position.  (Rotational Shift)  A brief copy of the partial job description is attached to the posting. Applications can be obtained from the bar in the Social Quarters.  Applications should be returned to the bar by 07/21/2016



Operating Hours

Sunday                                    9:00 AM until 12:30 AM         Last Call 11:45 PM

Monday -Thursday      11:00 AM until 12:30 AM       Last Call 12:00 AM

Friday                          11:00 AM until 2:00 AM         Last Call 1:15 AM

Saturday                      9:00 AM until 2 AM                Last Call 1:15 AM


1.      Any deviation of the operating hours  or Job Description must be pre-approved by the House Committee

2.      All members must vacate by the posted closing time.

3.      Only working employees and/or pre-authorized personnel are permitted during non-open hours.

4.      No one should be behind the bar except Employee, Officer, delivery person, or a person working in the kitchen.  Any non-employee must have permission to proceed behind the bar from the Bartender on duty.

5.      Bar slips will not be given for “last call”. Drinks must be set up.

6.      Employees must vacate the premises within one-half hour after closing.  Only exception would be preapproved clean-up after shift for a dance night and etc.

7.      These opening and closing times may only be altered by presenting a request at a House Committee Meeting.

8.      House lights will be turned up at last call.  The lights will remain bright until the employee(s) vacate.

9.      Employee found over pouring will be discharged.  If you think the drink is short, use a shot glass of other measurer.

10.  No free pouring of liquor.  Use a shot glass or other appropriate measurer.  Wine will be measured by pouring into the approved glass.

11.  Please be courteous to our members.  Our policy has always been that drinks should be served before gaming.

12.  Be sure to complete the Shift count of ticket machine money.  If not completed, you will be responsible for any shortage.

13.  Gaming prizes over $100.00 may only be paid to the winner after the winner’s name is clearly printed on the ticket and also (if a member of Huntingdon #223 L.O.O.M.) Moose ID printed on the ticket.  All out-of-town members must have address printed on the ticket.

14.  Free Second Drinks:  The only scenarios for FREE DRINKS are: Birthday of member; last shot only to the amount of the 1 ¼ oz. shot (not a 1 ¼ oz. shot plus what remained in the bottle), out of town member from other Lodges for their first visit and not a District event; and the Bull Moose, one drink per day.

15.  Liquor usage sheet must be completed when a bottle is emptied.

16.  Employees will get one free shift drink at the end of a 4 or more hours shift.  This drink should be poured by the bartender coming on duty. The bartender closing that night will be permitted to one drink credit on gift card or membership card; remember the employees would normally vacate the premises within one-half hour after closing. 

17.  Sports Teams (shuffleboard league, pool league): Both home and visitors shall receive one free drink per evening during league play. 

·         This drink is restricted to the same drink as originally purchased by/for the player. As an example, Soda to a Soda, Draft Beer to Draft Beer, Bottled Beer to Bottled Beer, or mixed drink to the same mixed drink.

·         Only single servings and no pitchers.

·         Only Members may make purchases!

·         All free drinks must be entered into the cash register and a receipt printed.  Receipt must be marked as to the reason the drink was given.  As example: “SHUFFLEBOARD LEAGUE” OR “POOL LEAGUE”.

18.  Serving an intoxicated member is not permitted.

19.  Negative attitudes, discussion of House Committee policy, or ridicule of fellow employees will not be tolerated.  If you have a concern, please discuss it with the House Committee or Administrator.

20.  An incident report must be completed within 12 hours of the event.  Please also include your recommendation for any required discipline.

21.  All applications for membership must be appropriately signed and have the proper amount of Fees and Dues included with application.  This amount of fees and due are posted at the bar. Once a male application is received, (with proper fees) Bartender should write the name on the Bull Moose Board

22.  Full time bartenders must complete a request form before switching any scheduled shift.  This form must be approved by the Governor or Administrator.

23.  Every person purchasing anything, within the Social Quarters, must have (his/her) membership card checked (daily).  This may be accomplished by checking card or verifying through the membership roster.

24.  HUNTINGDON Every guest must have his / her photo ID verified through scanner every time they enter the Social Quarters.  If a Photo ID is not available, the bartender must note in the guest book what document was used for verification. A separate guest book will be maintained for Special events and sports teams and/or events where Photo Id’s are not required.

25.  Working bartenders are not permitted to sign in guests.

26.  ON THE JOB INJURIES: Any employee injured on the job must immediately notify the Administrator. Even if you don’t think the injury is serious, you must notify the Administrator immediately following the incident.

27.  Any violation of this could lead to a written warning and/or termination!

28.  Physical Requirements.   Rev 07/04/2013

·         Lifting and carrying up to 40 pounds

·         Full cases of beer and soda

·         Standing and walking

·         Up to 8 hours per shift

29.  The Use Of Cellular Phones was formerly restricted to off-duty personnel.  We have temporarily liberalized this policy to allow the employees to have their phones for emergency and company use.  Due to complaints about employees using their phones and being indifferent to our customers, we may have to curtail the use of your phones.  I would remind you that the phones are only for EMERGENCY USE and related company use.

30.  On duty personnel are not permitted to play electronic or video games.

31.   As a reminder, you are financially responsible to report your tips.  If IRS audit occurs, you will be responsible for any back taxes on unreported tips.












Book Signing

Please remember to sign the daily book and weekly book

 just as it appears on the membership roster. If you can’t sign the book legibly please print your name. These are the house committees rules. Therefore, they need to be followed.

 Also, remember if you hit the daily book, you must show us your card in order to collect the money.



Legion Committee

            The Moose Legion Committee is alive and well at the Huntingdon Moose Lodge.  All Legion members please stop by the Lodge and check the bulletin board for the next Moose Legion meeting date, and plan to attend the monthly meetings. Members of the Loyal Order of Moose are qualified for membership in the Moose Legion if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Must be a good standing Lodge member
  2. Must have completed 1 year of Lodge membership
  3. Must have sponsored 1 Lodge application that has been accepted


  1. Must be a good standing Lodge member
  2. Must have completed 6 months of Lodge membership
  3. Must have sponsored 3 Lodge applications that have been accepted


Please Note

The board of Officers is asking each and every member to help create a more cordial atmosphere. Please be careful of your language while socializing at the lodge and be courteous to those around you. Profanity will not be tolerated. The bartenders will be cracking down on this and will take appropriate action if warranted. At times the bartenders must take the responsibility of not serving a visibly intoxicated person any more alcohol. We ask you be understanding and courteous to their request: they are trying to keep you safe.

If you sign in a guest they are your responsibility. They are not allowed to purchase anything while at the lodge and they must leave when you do. The bartenders will be enforcing these rules. Please give them the respect and friendliness they deserve while performing their duties. It is difficult enough without being hassled about doing their jobs. Thank you all for your understanding in these matters. 



 Effective Sept. 11, 2008 the officers have voted to make the Huntingdon Moose Family Center a designated smoking club at this time. Smoking will be permitted during all club sponsored events unless otherwise posted.


 It has been brought to our attention that a few months ago there was an agent from the Liquor Control Board in our Lodge and was allegedly served without being carded. This can NEVER happen. PLEASE be prepared to show your membership card when sitting down and please show it proudly. After all, you are a member of the world’s Greatest Fraternity. Why would you complain when asked to show your membership card? Show that card and be proud to do it!!


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 It is very simple for you to have this convenience.  Send me an E-mail to huntingdon223@verizon.net.  

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All information on these pages are intended only for Members and Qualified Guest!

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Last Modified 1/30/2018